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The Market has changed.
Buyers, there is so much more to choose from!
At better prices!
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About Your Next Realtor

A little about John Nieboer
Selling your home is about so much more than putting a sign in your lawn.

Over Twenty Five years of selling hundreds of Homes just like yours. John brings an energetic and experienced approach to the buying or selling of Real Estate. I was selling Real Estate when people thought 13% was a good rate for a five year term. I have remained active through large price swings in the market both up and down. I have experienced many different types of market conditions as both a Realtor and home owner. Over the past 25 years I have developed relationships in the industry that prove to be beneficial to both the Buyers and Sellers I represent . In short I have been an active licensed Realtor for a long time and there really is no substitution for experience. Before making your next move allow me to sit down with you in person. It will be brief and non committal. If we find we can communicate with one another effectively and feel you can trust me in what I say, Perhaps then you will allow me to place my sign on your lawn.

  • I will listen, transparency on both sides is very important. Warning I do speak "Real Estate" but I will try my best to speak the same language.

  • "Hey, things are always changing and I will do all I can to be on top of it."

  • "I won't get up from the table until I know I have exhuasted all avenues."

  • " It is the most important attribute one can have in business. Simple, "do want you say and hold yourself to the highest possible standards.."

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